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[box title=”Event Marketing” style=”light”]Event Marketing is simply a passion of Made Men Entertainment! We enjoy coming alongside our clients and furthering their business image to the public and their clients. We specialize in Online Social Marketing, Radio Commercial Creation, Print or Online Graphic Design, and much more![/box]

[box title=”Web Development” style=”light”]We believe in practicing what we preach, so take a look at this website ( and you’ll be able to see the development work of Made Men Entertainment. We built and manage our own website from start to finish. We want to do the same with your company. Online branding is the new business card, so let us help give you the image that truly signifies your company success.[/box]

[box title=”Online or Print Graphic Design / Flyers”]One great way to capture your intended audience is to catch their attention with awesome print materials such as business cards, brochures, and flyers. If you are looking for a company who prides themselves on helping you succeed, look no further.[/box]

[box title=”Social Media Marketing” style=”light”]You can’t deny it, social media has gone mainstream sooo quickly. Facebook, Twitter, and other sites have become the norm for reaching friends, old school mates, and now…clients. Learn how social media can boost your customer database faster than you may believe with the help of Made Men Entertainment.[/box]

[box title=”Web and Email Distribution Marketing”]With Made Men, you are going into business with a ‘community’ of success-driven people. We utilize online services of other partners to reach further audiences to send business your way. We are able to accomplish this task via other website marketing and email distribution campaigns that can be sent out weekly or whatever schedule best fits your company.[/box]

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